This is the activity we do today in class.

6th. form

Site: neok12

Realizamos la actividad y la entregamos a través de Edmodo.

Site: Village of Joy



A synonym for poisonous.
A synonym for poison.
Parts of the body mentioned (text).
Describe the curse of action followed after being stung by a jelly fish.

    Pre-task: Activation of prior-knowledge

    1)What do you know about this story, plot characters, author, settings, etc.?
    2)Which genre do you think it is? Why? Does the title give you any clue? Other clues?
    3)Is it fiction, non-fiction or a combination of both?


    1) Go to and read the synopsis of this tale.
    2) Check if you previous answers were correct and add info about:
    * Setting, time and place
    * Names of characters
    * Symbol: seal and ring (why are they so important in the plot?)
    3) What type of person was a musketeer?
    4) Go to search: musketeer.
    5) Go to CONTENTS: MUSKETEERS IN FRANCE and answer:
    Who created “The musketeers of guard? Ehen was this organization created?
    6) Go to GOOGLE IMAGES and find a picture of a musketeer.
    * Describe it.
    * Write a list of the parts of its outfit + weapons (use adjectives)
    7) What is a musket? Answer this question going to:

    4th. Form

    Project: "Story Land"

    We know Kings and Queens live in castles. What were these castles like many years ago? Who lived with the Royal Families?

    Site: Castles of the World